Animal Welfare

Farmers demonstrate responsibility and concern for the pigs they care for every day.

Farming is a 365-day job, and the responsibility of animal care is shared by each individual involved in farming — from owners to managers, to animal caretakers, to the drivers who transport pigs. Each is accountable for demonstrating a commitment to responsible pig farming. In every segment of animal agriculture, disease prevention continuously poses challenges; new diseases occasionally appear that are not easily understood. For these reasons, we are continuously focused on how to mitigate the introduction of disease into the herd. There have been significant advancements in how animals are sheltered and cared for, disease prevention, food safety and the adoption of more sustainable pig farming practices. Biosecurity is one of the most important management tools to prevent disease transmission and expression. It is our responsibility to provide feed, water and an environment that promotes the well-being of our animals. Proper care, handling and transportation for our pigs and protecting pig health by providing appropriate treatment when needed is a priority in the Hugoson Pork operation.